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General Discussion / 10 Inch Screen Rugged Windows Tablet
« Last post by ruggedtabletsumo on March 23, 2019, 09:31:06 am »
Rugged Sumo is situated at Shenzhen. For 7 years, we have been involved with three defense business. Are you a small scale business, or you have progressed a little and grown bigger? Or is your business in need of a three-proof Rugged Tablet for Industries ? Do not worry, we got you covered.

Why Choose Us?

Apart from the fact that our staff are professionals and can offer you their expertise and that we help you save time when you work with us, we also have a rich three-proof flat supply chain which can provide you with the most reliable three-proof tablet solution. There is no better choice than us out there.

At Rugged Sumo, our window’s tablets are designed for the purpose of industrial work with its operating system as Windows 10 and also, have Intel chips in it. They operate well in any environment. These rugged windows tablet have barcode scanners, the sun-visible screens, and RFID reader function which is a suitable one for any situation especially when it has to do with logistics industries and also warehousing.


Our rugged windows tablet has been tested using different industrial approaches before it was produced, this is the reason behind its optimum performance in any industrial application. As a result, many sectors have employed its usage, they include hospitals, transportation companies, warehousing, and education too. Our use runs across more than 30 countries with over 200 cooperative companies.

10 Inch Screen Rugged Windows Tablet :
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Gaano kalaki ang pinagmulan ng malaking data na ito? Magkano ang data na maaari kong makuha, dahil pinaghihinalaan ko na ang malaking nilalaman na ito ay tinanggal sa database?
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General Discussion / Re: Amazing tips
« Last post by alanabui on February 23, 2019, 08:51:54 am »
Your idea is very good. It coincides with my point of view. Looking forward to reading more of your posts papa louie
General Discussion / Re: Benefits of removing waste hair using laser
« Last post by alanabui on February 23, 2019, 08:50:52 am »
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Aký veľký je tento veľký zdroj údajov? Koľko údajov môžem získať, pretože mám podozrenie, že tento veľký obsah databázu odstránil?
General Discussion / Re: Benefits of removing waste hair using laser
« Last post by LeroyMack on February 12, 2019, 04:02:25 am »
Neviem, koľko mi môže pomôcť získať tieto informácie, pretože chcem získať prístup k množstvu informácií, neviem, ako mi pomôcť?
Codebase improvements discussion / Re: Deja Vu: Beavs surprise Dawgs
« Last post by john-snow on February 10, 2019, 06:27:33 am »
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There is something I doubt about this topic. I'm curious to read your responses. Thank You very much!!
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